Black Ferns on Fire
Edith Chaney

Wrapped up warm and armed with the NZ Fern Flag, 2xtarp for even more protection from the predicted rain and there we were at the opening of the FIFA Women’s World Cup at Eden Park along with 42,000 others!! As with all events you must be there to feel, hear and be amongst the extraordinary atmosphere that another inaugural first for New Zealand in Co-Hosting the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 with Australia.

It took a wee bit of time to begin to fully appreciate the ‘rules’ of engagement/game, however, what I did notice was the sheer amount of pace, space and meters run by all players across the entire length and breadth of the Eden Park, culminating in that offensive team effort of Bott, Paige-Riley, Hand onto the perfectly timed boot of Hannah Wilkinson!!! The stadium went wild. Women’s World Cup fever is here again with pois a-twirling across the stadium. So proud to be there and part of another historical Aotearoa Wahine Toa sporting moment. Be part of it and go onto the app to get yourselves out of the lounge and into celebrating these amazing WOMEN athletes in person.